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Based on the precept that the longest journey begins with but a single step, AIMUNL broad spectrum of assessments to determine the true training need, in two categories. There is a nominal charge associated with these assessments.

• By Job titles
   • Typically, a 1 to 4-hour comprehensive array of assessment documents covering 30 categories of work.
       • Costs will range between $150 and $250 per assessment, based on the range of work categories covered
       • The one assurance that we can offer, the money invested in the assessment process will save considerably more than the cost of           assessment by reducing training costs, providing advance placement for life skills.
• By topical category
   • Typically, ½ to 1-hour comprehensive assessment of topical studies.
       • The purpose of these investments of time and money is to
          evaluate poor experience, and determine the appropriate level for advanced standing if appropriate.
       • The cost of these assessments is typically under $50.00.

Taking an assessment is like taking an inventory of the pantry before going to the grocery store. That way you avoid duplicating what you already have. With regard too training, it is demotivating to restudy things you have already mastered. By means of an assessment, you obtain documented evidence of
proficiency, and are eligible for advance placement in a program.

The picture below is a display of the performance of one student in four math courses. This is the data that is available to the administrator. Since you are visiting this webpage on a computer, you can go to your zoom command and expand the picture to read the charts and scales.


Top left – Math fundamentals
Top right – Fractions and decimals
Bottom left – Units of measurement
Bottom right – Blueprint reading
On all charts
Blue shows the test time in minutes
Orange shows the pretest score
Gray shows the post test score

The Pre-test, Course, and Post-test were all completed in the time shown, and the time scale on the left is in minutes.
The scales on the left are both 200 minutes, top right 400 minutes, and bottom right 300 minutes.

I hope you can see the value of this method of study. This person did not think they had a problem with math originally.

But in the time they took, they moved from a failing grade to a passing grade of 80% or better. The bell didn’t ring, the teacher didn’t say class dismissed, the student merely worked until they finished with a passing score. The true plus was to see the student's face when they saw their list of accomplishments by the week.

All web-based deliverables are presented in the same manner, Pre-test/Course/Post-test, so it doesn’t matter who the provider of choice is, the outcome is a passing score in each course. If you do not pass the final test the first time, you do have to wait one day to take it over. If you fail the course three times, it is necessary to talk to the administrator, gain some insight as to the potential problem, and get another group of attempts assigned. If you are conscientious and don’t get discouraged at multiple attempts, it is virtually impossible to fail any topic.