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Skill-Based Knowledge Transfer

If you have ever visited a college, or a college website and asked for a catalog, the typical question that you would be asked to answer is “What do you want to study?”

Quite simply, how could you possibly know unless you have a reason for study. Our question to you is “What do you need to study?”

If you are intent on applying for employment in industry for the first time, you will have one need. Typically, the starting point will be math, applied technical science, and communication skills (personal – oral and written; and interpersonal- relational).

If you are returning to employment after a period of separation, returning military, or you simply need to freshen up and refocus your current skills, you will have a totally different need. The first step for you would be to take an assessment (skill inventory) encompassing the categories of work you are pursuing, develop an IDP (Individualized Developmental Plan) based on the skill gaps exhibited by the assessment. Then enroll in the studies needed to close those gaps.

In either case, there is no waiting for a class to make, or a calendar semester start, you are ready to go in a matter of days. Then too, there is no need for a commitment to the school’s, “My way or the highway” (This is not intended as a put down for the schools, it is intended to point out that your need is immediate. If you wait till it is convenient for the school to enroll you, the door to your opportunity may close).

There are modest levels of expense associated with this form of custom based training, but by comparison the cost of a total credentialing program based on compliance with US Department of Labor – Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training database of skills for more than 13,000 job titles will be less than the books and fees for a typical two year associates program.

Training by virtue of an IDP will become more crucial in the near future as America begins to bring major manufacturing back to our soil, and as new companies spring up in our areas. Also, disasters like the corona virus pandemic and the lives lost are depleting our workforce skills. You can be in a position to qualify for promotions, or lateral job shifts within a month or two through attention to studies, and a desire to learn.

AIMTRAIN IS CAPABLE OF offering what you need … What you choose to do about it is up to you!

Think about this, “No decision is a decision. Is no decision in your best interest?”

Becoming a student is not easy, especially as an independent study student.

Your greatest asset if you choose to take this step, is a wholesome attitude. Act, don’t react!

It won’t cost a dime for you to make a phone call and discuss your interests and options.
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