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How often do your friends and family ask, “Do you think we’ll ever get back to normal?” How do you answer such a question? If you ask a half dozen people what would you describe as normal, you would get half a dozen answers. The reason, there is no standard by which to define or describe normal.

What is the actual value added to anything by a standard? What about accountability? By means of a standard we move the burden from the performer to the performance standard. Then there is repeatability, by means of a standard we can perform repetitively. What does a standard add to a test, or an assessment? Validity, objectivity, and so much more.

With all the schools we have in America today, how is it possible that the President can share that there are more than 7 million jobs available but no one with the skills to fill them? The truth is the schools do not consider actual job/task performance skill training to be their business. Beyond that the way our educational system is structured, there is no consistency in the content delivered by schools in neighboring counties. Each system makes its own decision as to what they will teach, and when it will be taught. Why is that a problem? There is no standard.

AIMTRAIN offers a different outcome, and without the need for significant educational debt, schedule inconvenience, travel, hours added to your work day and hours away from your family. Besides that, there is seldom the burning of the midnight oil to cram for a test or presentation.

By means of the internet, AIMTRAIN offers facilitation services to integrate web delivered training (the theoretical) with actual workplace performance skill mentoring. The student will earn while they learn, and will gain career credentials while building relationships and job seniority.

The workplace performance objectives are drawn from the US Department of Labor’s Career resource (a library that has served the skill transfer training market for more than 100 years. The theoretical, and the performance skill plans are therefore individualized by means of gap analysis, but standardized no matter who studies or where they study. Each Individualized Development Plan is anchored to time proven study content, and evidence based universally adopted standards of performance.

Review the following lists of courses and then let’s talk. We will personalize your plan of study as it relates to your job title, or the category of work your facility and processes require.

First identify the department or category of study that you need to enhance current skills

Then identify course titles. Preview the following lists and then let’s talk. You won’t be sorry.