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Web-based Instructional Administration

Single source skill training services

Online? Yes; … but… One … Step … at a Time! Unlike many, AIMTRAIN does not offer a catalog, and expect the reader to pick and choose what they need to study or prepare for in the modern workplace.

In the Bible, Philippians 4:8i … suggests, Think on these things …

So, we propose that we do that.

If you are going to take a trip, you need to decide two things before you begin your journey.
  • Your final destination, where you want to be when your journey ends,
  • How you want to get from where you are to that destination (point a to point b)

History declares that if you don’t know where you are going, it doesn’t matter what path you take, or how fast or slow you proceed, there is really no motivating purpose for the travel.

With all of the product, process, personnel and procedural changes in industry, coupled with the changes in lifestyle and daily routines, workforce readiness offers (performance-based skill training alternatives) are few and far between; and generally expensive and inconvenient when available. We hear about the millions of available jobs on the news frequently, as well as the claim that they are available because there are no candidates with the appropriate skills to fill those jobs. What we don’t hear is what skills are actually foundational to employment.

AIMTRAIN specializes in job, trade and task performance skills, anchored to time-proven, evidence-based standards, maintained nationally by the US Department of Labor. Typically, no matter what position you might seek in a manufacturing environment, the core skills (safety, interpersonal communication, math and physical science, and hand and portable power tool skills) form an essential foundation.

The one question that prevails over all workplace readiness concerns is not, “What you are CAPABLE of doing,” however, the real question is, “What are you WILLING to do?”

When you can name specific categories of work that you are WILLING to pursue, and can share a transcript showing studies that you have taken to prepare for entry level, you will get much more interest than if all you can say is anything you have available.

The AIMTRAIN PROCESS, (How to use the material of this section).


Click on one or more of the Online Proficiency Evaluations titles that interest you, then respond to the performance statements in that form based on a 0 to 4 level of proficiency as you evaluate your prior knowledge and experience. Follow the directions on that form.


No matter what category of work you seek today, math, physical science fundamentals, and communication skills are absolutely essential, along with keyboarding, calculator, and data management capabilities. Visiting the tab, ASSESSMENTS BY CATEGORY and determine the area of interest that you would choose to study. The assessments provided will determine your current mastery for the purpose of identifying needed study, or advanced placement.

There are costs involved in automating these assessments, but they are nominal, and although we do need to ask for an assessment fee to provide these, we will credit that fee to any studies you enroll in once a gap need is determined. Fees will be discussed a bit later.

Assessments … Recommend taking them in sequence as shown.

  • Math, Algebra, Geometry
  • Physical Science
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Fluid Power
  • Basic Machining


Once you are persuaded as to a need for study, AIMTRAIN offers five lists of course titles as options 1-5. Select any one, or review all, and then contact us for the purpose of preparing a personalized developmental plan (PDP), enrolling you, and managing your study progress. This process will provide feedback for each course of study, and periodic transcripts of study that you will find beneficial in any interview process.

Beyond these initial studies, AIMTRAIN will provide any future employer with a published PDP for continued studies as an employee but in an earn-while-you-learn initiative (quasi-apprenticeship), which lets you start low and grow into mutually profitable relationships.



One Assessment … $25.00
Two Assessments … 45.00
Three Assessments … 62.50
Four Assessments … 75.00


Content available for 12 months for any number of returns for restudy, or review.

Twenty-Five courses ......... (Approximately 75 hours of study – 6.5 hours per month) … $ 400.00 – any assessment fees.
Fifty Courses ..................... (Approximately 125 hours of study – 10 hours per month) … $ 500.00 – any assessment fees.
One-hundred courses ...... (Approximately 150 hours of study - 12.5 hours per month) … $ 650.00 – any assessment fees.


The longest journey begins with a single step. Visit our Donate page, select your level of participation, and initiate your journey.