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By means of this website, and the many pages of content, our intent is to demystify the process of seeking information regarding workplace skill need determination, and ready means of remediating skill gaps economically, and by means of user-friendly web delivered instruction that is evidence-based and time-proven.

The following list is a copy of the information shared on the index page of this library of surveys. Each title identifies a listing of workplace performance skill competencies. The categories are arranged alphabetically in this list, not in accordance with study need or sequential pre-requisites. Universally, no matter what a person’s ultimate goal is, MATH, PHYSICS, AND COMMUNICATION SKILLs far outweigh the more technical categories. Following these categories, BASIC CRAFT TOOLS, and then categories of personal interest and desired career pursuits.

Study this list, and determine the topics that are of interest to you, then go to that sheet, and respond to the instructions shared. Each sheet permits you to respond to the skill competency in accordance with your own personal exposure, training, and life experience. An indication of Skill at 2 or below will indicate a need for study. A 3 will imply that you have a level of comfort, but a refresher would be in order. A 4 indicates that in your mind, you are comfortable with your ability to perform at a satisfactory level.


The following is an enlarged view of the header of each of the accompanying 17 skill categories. By reason of the means of communication, Website, Telephone, Email, Texting, etc. imposed by the social distancing mandates, we have to emphasize that any response is honest, and can be backed up by a performance demonstration if our association progresses to that level.

AIMTRAIN will deal on the basis of the honor system and regard your responses accordingly. The purpose of these surveys is to provide a means by which workplace performance skill transfer activities can be made available to you as an individual developmental effort.

Respond to each skill on each list that interests you, at any of the five levels 0-4 in accordance with the performance indication listed at the top right. Once your responses have been competed for each sheet, save a copy of that response sheet as a separate file. Email the skill survey files that you are interested in pursuing to :
for a proposal and quotation of the cost for training. The obvious category of work that is not included in this library, is Electrical/Electronic. This category is dealt with differently, because of the more universal interest in those topics. We have provided actual assessment testing for those categories.

See our companion Electrical performance skill foundational assessments. There is a nominal fee associated with these assessments.