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The most difficult aspect of investigating training in any craft/trade or tool techniques relates to the vocabulary, the terms used (keywords). The second most difficult aspect relates to the study sequence that affords the most successful comprehension and mastery of the embedded skills. The following list offers an array of study opportunities that collectively offer an introduction to the primary disciplines involved in modern automation, material handling and manufacturing processes. The longest journey begins with a single step, and with regard to manufacturing support services by any name, begins with math and science, specifically technical physics. Although many curricular offers begin with Electricity (the means of control), there must be something to control, for Electricity to have meaning. So, to gain an understanding for the need of Electrical Control, the next logical study pursuits would involve mechanical concepts, and the management of motion.

1 - Math, Fractions

2 - Math and Science

3.1 - Mechanical Comprehension Test

3.2 - Simple Mechanical Aptitude Test

3.3 - Mechanical Apptitude Practice Test

4.1 - Simple Machines, Lever Problems Made Easy

4.2 - Simple Machines, Gears and Wheels (Part 1)

4.3 - Simple Machines, Pulleys

4.4.1 - Introduction to Physics (Part 1)

4.4.2 - Introduction to Physics (Part 2)

5.1 - Mechanical Reasoning Test Practice

5.2 - Spacial Reasoning Tests

With a basic grasp of mechanical concepts and specifically the simple machines and their role in promoting and controlling movement, it makes sense to consider electricity and electrical control concepts next.

6.1 - Electrical Comprehension Practice Test

7.1 - Basic Electrical Principles - Lesson 1

7.2 - How Electricity Works - Lesson 1

7.3 - How Electricity Works - Lessons 1 thru 28

Next in line would be fluid power, and particularly, hydraulics. This is an extensively utilized field of activity, that is not adequately covered in our contemporary educational offers.

8.1 - Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Test 1

8.2.1 - Basic Hydraulics (Part 1 of 16)

8.3.1 - Introduction to Fluid Power Lesson 1

8.3.2 - Introduction to Fluid Power Lesson 1 thru 47

Material handling is a critical area of study, for much of modern automation relates to the movement of parts into and out of processes, to assembly stations, and even assembly itself.

9.2.1 - Principles of Material Handling

Possibly the least understood, and most abused of all of the manufacturing service disciplines is the field of lubrication, and oil analysis. There is no industrial process that is not dependent on lubrication, but most suffer from the improper and inadequate replenishment techniques. These are ignored and abused, because of inadequate training in the appropriate and timely administration of lubricants.

10.1 - Fundimentals of Lubrication

Then there is the actual job search and the ultimate interview

Job Interview Aptitude Test

Job Interview Do Not Dos

Job Question, Tell me about yourself

And finally, if employed, you need to understand the potential of required ppe. We have just experience more than 7 months of masking and social distancing, and the public reaction to such a requirement. The general attitude is that mandated masking is dictatorial. Guess what, in employment circumstances if ppe is required, there is no negation regarding its proper use, it is either the employer’s way, or the highway.

Personal Protective Equipment